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Sea is the First Catholic High School in the Nation With a Seamless Online Learning Environment.


Mission Statement

We are Catholic.  The Gospel is the foundation and purpose of all that we do.  Therefore, we seek to form young men and women in the image of Jesus Christ.  This formation is the deliberate effort of administration, faculty, and parents.  We strive to help students grow spiritually, academically, athletically, and socially. This will prepare them to take up their personal and social responsibility in the City of Man during their pilgrimage toward the City of God.


100% College Preparatory

Our education is reverse engineered in order to give our students a competitive advantage when it comes time for them to choose a college.  We build our curriculum around the ever changing requirements of college.  In fact, we are so cutting edge, that we were the first Catholic High School in the nation to implement iPad Learning in conjunction with Blackboard, a program used by more than two thirds of all Colleges and Universities in the country.


We Are Catholic…

St. Joseph by-the-Sea High School is proud to be one of the premiere Catholic High Schools in the Tri-State area.  We strive to offer our students the very best in education and campus life grounded on Catholic Faith and Values.  Our goal is to immerse our students in the rich spiritual and intellectual tradition of Western Civilization.

By offering programs designed to engender critical thinking and rigorous study, Sea works to prepare a generation of students ready for America’s finest colleges and universities.


100% College Preparatory

Our goal at Sea is to give our students a competitive advantage over other high school students when it comes time to apply for college.  In fact, our students are able to earn college credits while still in high school enabling them to graduate college early and save both time and money on their college education.  in 2014, 15% of our students completed a year or more of college while at Sea, 50% completed a semester or more, and nearly 85% graduated with some college credits.

Internship Programs

Sea is proud to offer its students opportunities previously only available to College Students.  We offer internship programs in Neuroscience, Law, and Business.  Our staff is also comprised of several Ph.D.’s including a Professor from the Research Team of Columbia University.

Advanced Learning Technology

Did you know that nearly 80% of all colleges and universities use Blackboard as their learning interface with that number increasing each year?  At Sea, our Seamless Online Learning Environment leverages Blackboard as the backbone of our education giving our students a competitive advantage when entering college.

Modern Facilities

Sea prides itself on offering its students a Full High School Experience, and athletics plays an important roll in that experience.  Our campus spans more than 22 acres and includes a football field, softball field, baseball field all comprised of field turf.  We also have our own tennis and basketball courts as well as a state of the art Fitness Center which we encourage all students to use.

Mens Athletics

Our male athletes compete at the highest levels and are able to choose from every sport imaginable including our recently added Mens Volleyball team.  Our goal is to use sports as a vehicle that will open the door to the college of your choice.  For example, did you know that in 2014 Sea Football players received more college scholarship money than all the other Catholic High Schools on Staten Island combined?  Why?  Because recruiters know that Sea students can do the work both ON and OFF the field.

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Lady Vikings

Our Lady Vikings perform at the highest levels across the board, and have won numerous championships including Softball, Cheerleading and more.  In fact, our competitive cheerleading team placed Second in the Nation this year at National Competition in Disney World.

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Sea Has Something For Everyone

With more than 40 different clubs and activities to choose from, Sea truly has something for everyone.  From our own TV Studio, WSJS, to our Holy Name Society, Ladies of Charity and our DJ Club, Sea is truly a place where you’ll fit in.

If We Don’t Have It…We’ll Create It!

We listen to the requests of our student body and try our best to accommodate them, and that goes especially for the creation of new clubs.  Over the past two years, we’ve seen our students create more than ten new clubs including the Comic Book Club, Ultimate Frisbee Club, Fencing and more.  Starting a new club is as easy as having the Student Council vote on it, and we encourage our students to take advantage of the process.

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Tried and Then Applied…

We took our conversion to digital learning very seriously.  Rather than choose a platform and than implement it, we spent well over a year having a group of students try the latest tablets and learning software.  The end result, was that our students selected the iPad over the competition for ease of use.

Seamless Online Learning Environment

We are proud to be the first Catholic High School in the nation to offer our students a Seamless Online Learning Environment made up of iPads, Smart Classrooms, access to Blackboard Learn Technology, and test taking through ExamSoft.  We’ve found that nearly 90% of college students learn in this manner, therefore our students will learn in the same fashion to ensure they are prepared for college.

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Our Campus

St. Joe’s is proud to offer students a campus encompassing more than 25 acres in the heart of Huguenot.  We have our own field turf football, baseball and softball stadiums.  In addition we have tennis courts, a fitness center, a state-of-the-art auditorium with seating for 500, two gymnasiums, and an open air courtyard featuring a flowing waterfall and coi pond.  Our Smart Classrooms have been completely upgraded and now feature air conditioning.  Moreover, our recent Science and Biology Lab renovations place our facilities among that of a collegiate level.

When You’re Here, You’re Family

Our campus is a safe-haven for our students and we take great measures to keep it that way.  Whether studying in our library after school or participating in sports or clubs, we find that more than half of our student body remains on campus well after school ends.  We’ve also recently added additional transportation for student commuting from the opposite end of Staten Island and Brooklyn.  When you enroll in Sea you become a member of the Sea Family.

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Invest In Your Child’s Future

Each year we profile several of our students and their families to highlight the successes they achieved while at Sea.  It pleases us to say, that each year the stories continue to be more impressive.  Take the Class of 2014 for example.  The class, made up of 284 Seniors, managed to rake in a combined $61 million in college scholarship money.  That averages to roughly $215,000 per student.

Put a different way, that’s enough to pay 31 years of Sea tuition!  For those who say that Catholic Education is not a sound investment, we beg to differ.  Our program not only helps students graduate college early, but also saves their family tens of thousands of dollars in tuition expenses.  We are proud to promote the mantra that Sea is a Catholic Education That Pays for Itself!

WSJS Morning Show

Did you know that Sea has its own state-of-the-art TV Studio?  Featuring a green room, sound boards, and the latest in audio/visual equipment the student run TV studio broadcasts the news live each morning at 8:15am.  The news is streamed into every classroom and also via our live feed on our website.  We encourage you to visit this tab in the morning to keep up with the latest news at Sea or to simply watch you family members or friends live on the air.